Make Money with Virtual Hosting!

  • Monthly Costs

    You simply purchase a server and then subdivide it into smaller parts. For example, an Advanced Server can be divided into 20-25 separate websites – each one pointing to a separate area and domain. These separate websites are called virtual hosting accounts and normally sell for $15-$40 per month – depending on the features. The Advanced Server runs $99 per month. Figure 25 virtual hosting accounts @ $25 per month generates $625 per month less your Advanced Server cost of $99 equals over $525 of profit per month.

  • Setup Fees

    There is a onetime server fee of $60 – $150 and a virtual hosting account onetime setup fee of $50 per website ($75 for NT hosts). This virtual hosting account setup fee is normally marked up and passed along to your client.

  • Billing

    We bill you for the server and any setup charges. You bill your customers whatever you want.

  • Reseller Packages

    We provide several server packages for resellers. You can further customize these packages by adding on additional features. To qualify for discounts, just resell 3 or more Servers.

  • Dedicated Servers

    To qualify for discounts, just resell 3 or more dedicated Servers. Contact our sales department for more information on our dedicated server offerings.

We don’t compromise with the best Hosting Solution

eCommerce Hosting

Looking for E-commerce hosting? Check out our True-Commerce accounts powered with Miva Merchant 4. With Miva Merchant, you can build and manage robust storefronts using nothing more than a browser.

Virtual Hosting

Looking for a quick and simple way to establish your presence? Sign up for one of our Virtual Hosting accounts! You can design your site from scratch, or use our EasySite design feature to have a working web site up and running in minutes!