Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Our Virtual Server Solutions?

Our Virtual Server & Web Hosting Solutions are based on the idea of multiplexing a single UNIX or Windows server into multiple virtual servers, each with its own IP address and domain name. This Virtual Solution also offers tremendous Internet connectivity via multiple high speed connections linked directly to fiber backbones.

By sharing the UNIX or Windows server and the high speed bandwidth, you save thousands of dollars on the hardware, personnel, and time required to install, maintain, and service a dedicated connection. Our Virtual Server & Web Hosting Solutions are far easier to manage because most of the work is done for you.

Not only are our servers well connected and easy to manage, but they are the most flexible virtual server solutions on the Internet. Each virtual server includes its own set of virtual services- http (web), ftp, pop, and email- which operate in a “virtual environment” independent of any other account. Therefore, you are free to customize your virtual server to your liking and needs.

For example, your virtual server includes an entire httpd directory tree comprising of your own cgi-bin, configuration files (httpd.conf, et al), and log files (access, error, and referrer logs). Thus you can customize and configure your virtual server’s WWW service to meet your specific needs since you have complete control of your virtual server. Similar flexibility is afforded for the other virtual services.

If you have problems, you can rely on our server administration handbook and online support area for fast up-to-date information. If you cannot find the answer you are looking, our support engineers are only an email or phone call away. We handle 90% of our support requests within two hours.

Our Server Solutions are extremely affordable. Our prices ranges from $9 per month for a Starter Site to $135 per month for our True Server package. Resellers can qualify for wholesale discounts. If you are an HTML designer/CGI consultant, learn how you can resell virtual servers as an internet presence solution for your clients and make a capital dividend.

How do you sign up for a Virtual Server? Please contact us and we will help you determine the bets virtual server solution for you. We look forward to working with you.

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Looking for a quick and simple way to establish your presence? Sign up for one of our Virtual Hosting accounts! You can design your site from scratch, or use our EasySite design feature to have a working web site up and running in minutes!